Respiratory Fit Test

Check the correct use of your respiratory device and the proper fitting of your face mask with the Respiratory Fit tests available in Stop.

Respiratory Fit Test TSI Portacount® 8048

How can we ensure we are wearing the mask properly?

It is an objective way to verify the proper fitting and sealing of a mask on the user’s face. It is an important step for the design of a successful Respiratory Protection Program. Not all masks fit all faces and with the Fit Test every user is able to know exactly how much protection the mask they are using offers them.

The user can see the percentage of protection the mask offers in real time. He is asked to perform movements that simulate everyday life at work to ensure he is adequetly protected at all times. The Fit Test takes 10-15 minutes.


Sabretest 3 by 3Μ/ Scott Safety

How do we check the correct use of our respiratory device?

It is a dynamic device of testing respiratory equipment. Είναι μια δυναμική συσκευή δοκιμής αναπνευστικού εξοπλισμού. It tests the positive pressure range of a Scott Safety respirators and negative  pressure masks to ensure they are proper for use. The user can also print the result of the checks and certify that the prescribed requirements are met.

A complete control of the respirator as suggested by 3Μ/Scott Safety must be performed annually and consists of the following tests:

  • Full visual control with a comprehensive database of common topics
  • Visor leak test/ High pressure test
  • Static visor pressure test
  • First breath activation pressure
  • Exhalation valve opening pressure
  • Dynamic breath test – 2 standard levels and custom settings
  • Pressure gauge accuracy test/ alarm accuracy test
  • Bypass flow test
  • Low pressure alarm activation
  • Visual check
  • First stage regulator performance

Sabretest 3 fully supports these tests and is part of the annual equipment safety test suggested by 3Μ/ Scott Safety.

Stop’s certified Service department has a fully installed Sabre Test 3 and undertakes the control and certification of the proper functioning of 3Μ/ Scott Safety respirators issuing the necessary certificates. It also ensures comprehensive service of 3M/ Scott Safety and Sundstrom respiratory protection systems as well as Honeywell and Blackline gas measuring instruments. We provide inspection, maintenance, repair, calibration and certification.