In STOP we understand the immediate impact our activities have to the community as well as to the environment. In a time of continuous and relentless change, we are committed to procuring products and services in ways that are socially responsible, meeting the community’s expectation of us as a good corporate citizen and reflecting our values.

Human rights, non-discrimination, anti-corruption, environmental responsibility, health and safety are key factors in our operation. We assess our suppliers effectively by evaluating both their operational capabilities and their compatibility with our company’s environmental and social standards.

Our Values

  • People of different nationalities or special abilities are welcome to work in our company
  • We oppose to child labour so are our partners -members of the International Labour Organization against child labour- in Asia
  • We are  happy to see our people create their own families
  • We never compromise quality
  • We offer specific solutions to specific requests. We are solution providers, not dedicated sellers
  • We offer value for money products and services
  • We believe in constant training of our personnel and we offer it at any given opportunity
  • We evaluate our suppliers in order to cover our customers’ needs most effectively

Corporate Citizenship

We keep close monitor of key performance indicators in relation to the environment as well as health and safety of our people. Protection of the environment as well as of our personnel constitutes our company’s culture which is reflected on our everyday business.


We are focused on minimizing our carbon footprint through more efficient procedures in our everyday operation. The replacement of our car fleet with a new one, the improvement in lighting, cooling and heating reduced our energy consumption by 10%. The recent renovation of our premises improves further the energy rating of the building and reduces consumption.


Since our production procedures require no water consumption, we focus on understanding, reducing and improving our water consumption for our everyday needs as well as maintenance.


The investment in new IT systems and the modernization of our order management system led to the reduction of imprints and paper consumption while at the same time we recycle our waste (paper, plastic, aluminium, light bulbs, batteries etc).


For more than 40 years our customers trust STOP for their health and safety. Feeling the responsibility and showing sensitivity on social issues we have offered and continue to offer to people or groups in need. At the same time we provide our knowledge and experience to aware workers in the necessity of using personal protective equipment.

STOP offers a safe working environment to more than 60 people and their families. We constantly work towards further development and coverage of new work positions.