Posidonia is over, safety at work never is

by Vicky Petalidou – Marketing & Communications Manager | STOP AEBE

This year’s Posidonia and its outcome will keep us busy for a long time, certainly less than the time it took to be eventually organized!

It’s taken four long years since the last event of 2018, with the pandemic playing a catalytic role, despite 
the organizers’ ambitious efforts and the wishful desire of the shipping community. Four years later, the world of shipping and those that operate around it, gave a great presence.

Almost 18% increase in the number of visitors who together with exhibitors reached 40,000 people in total. Judging by the 7% increase in the exhibitors’ space, indeed there was a significant interest in participation.

Within a week a small state was built and everyone smiled their best to welcome their guests. And by all accounts, as if there was some secret pact, the visitors came smiling too! They were happy to see you, to shake your hand, to learn what’s new and how you managed during the pandemic and to declare their interest in new collaborations.

Stop traditionally takes part in every Posidonia event.
We collaborate with the majority of Greek shipping companies, with a significant number of international organizations,
we hold important partnerships with companies and organizations active in the field, so for us it was a great opportunity to gain back the closeness an event has to offer and the pandemic deprived.

Indeed, it was a great pleasure for us to welcome old friends and colleagues, to make new acquaintances 
and important discussions for new partnerships. We had a lot to talk about and showcase.

New facilities – The project is proceeding rapidly and by the end of 2022 Stop’s new warehouse will be 
ready in an area of 9 acres in the center of Piraeus. Latest technology warehouse management systems, increased storage capacity, green spaces much needed in the area, parking and charging spots, all a breath away from the port of Piraeus and Stop headquarters.

Important case studies – One thing we know well at Stop is to address the safety issues faced by our 
customers. From selling a pair of gloves to specialized gas measurement instruments and lone worker monitoring devices as well as installing automatic vendor machines of personal protective equipnent to installing safe ascend/ descent/ work at height systems, we are here to cover every need, no matter how big or small.

New certified products – New FR coveralls and workwear, new certified firefighter’s suit, new models of safety shoes and other equipment are available and constantly new products are introduced.

New catalogues – Our new Marine catalogue as well as our new Industrial catalogue are available.


– is a pioneer and is constantly evolving

– is close to its customers to help them, train them and support them

– addresses everyone without pricing stereotypes: from the person who builds his home to the heavy industry that cares for its employees

– implements omni-channel customer service through sales network, retail stores, e-shop, marketplace, social media and live chat

– partners with established brands of personal protective equipment worldwide and introduces quality, reliable products

– innovates by introducing new technologies and applications

– cares for the environment in compliance with its commitments arising from its certification according to ISO 14001:2015

– takes care of its people and their well-being, trains and develops their knowledge and skills

Come to us to find the solution to your needs for safety at work. Become a member of Stop’s huge group of satisfied customers around the world!